Kamal's Hollywood joint venture with Barrie Osborne

Jun 10, 2012 PGV

Kamal Haasan, who was in Singapore to release the trailer of his upcoming film Vishwaroopam’ at the IIFA festival, had a meeting with ‘Lord of the Rings’ producer Barrie M. Osborne and they discussed plans for a joint venture.

Kamal announced their coming together the day after he unveiled the first look of ‘Vishwaroopam’. Barrie M. Osborne was with him.

The Hollywood producer reportedly said Kamal had screened ‘Vishwaroopam’ for him and he was taken in by his hard work. They had discussed the possibility of the two working together. Osborne said Kamal’s knowledge of cinema, literature, history etc was ‘encyclopaedic’. Kamal had presented an idea that was so compelling that he could not resist working with him. Their collaborative enterprise would focus on Indian history and culture but on a Hollywood template.

Osborne told PTI, ” I have been interested in working with Indian artistes in the past, but there was confusion about what type of film it should be. A story is what compels me to make a film. Kamal’s concept inspired me and the discussions we have had convinced me that it would be something worthy for us to pursue.”

Osborne said he had met Kamal several times before and decided to work together on a film after seeing his ‘Viswaroopam’. “I am impressed by what he has accomplished on Vishwaroopam.”

Speaking next, Kamal said, that Osborne accepted his idea showed that he was respected. His venture with the Hollywood producer marked a high point in his career and so he wished to announce the headway their talks had made on an occasion like the IIFA festival, he added.

Kamal said the title of the Hollywood film and whether he would be its director, writer or actor and others were yet to be decided.

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