'Mayakkam Enna' mostly humorous: Selva

Nov 21, 2011 PGV

Director Selvaraghavan is known to be adept at making films with love tangles, but his latest flick with his brother Dhanush is not a love story, he says in a pre-release media chat.

'Mayakkam Enna' (ME) is Selva's fourth film with Dhanush, the earlier three being 'Thulluvadho Ilamai, 'Kaadhal Kondain' and 'Pudupettai'. The siblings were lucky with all the earlier three. But, ME is way different from the kind of films Selva has done so far. 'I don't think you can slot it in a particular genre.' He adds, ME is not that which spins romantic yarns which go down well with the youth. In the same breadth, Selva clarifies that ME cannot be catogorised as a comedy. 'It is light-hearted and probably a little heavy-hearted.' The comedy is woven into the script. It is a warm film and more than 70 per cent of the film is humorous. He is sure Dhanush's humour takes will tickle.

Another significant feature is that Selva and Dhanush have doubled as lyricists and between them they have penned all the six songs. They had to do this work themselves as they were hard pressed for time and had to work at frenetic pace.

Composer G.V. Prakash stepped in during the filming of 'Aayirathil Oruvan' after Selva and Yuvan Shankar Raja parted ways. Ramji, who handled the camera for AO continued for ME. 'Both of them are workaholics.'

Of the heroine Richa, Selva says he had watched her in the Telugu film'Leader' and then cast her in his Telugu flick 'Rana' which failed to take off. It was Selva's wife Gitanjali who reminded him of Richa. 'She has proved to be the right choice.'

ME has been made in just 55 days, while 'Aayirathil Oruvan' took 'eons', Selva pointed out and said the team had to work to hectic schedule.

As the date of release of ME nears (Nov.25), Selva's anxiety is palpable. He says though he likes the movie, it is not easy for him to guess what impact it will have on the audience. 'The verdict rests with the viewers.' And, he hopes it will be in his favour. Click the Movie button below for more info:
Mayakkam Enna


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