Mysskin to unveil Mugamoodi today

Jun 29, 2012 PGV

The look of Jiiva who plays the superhero in director Mysskin’s ‘Mugamoodi’ has been kept a secret till now. As the film is ready for release, the director has decided to let audiences know how Jiiva looks in his superhero costume in the film. He has organized an event at Sathyam Multiplex where actor Suriya would officially unveil the first look of the superhero today (June 29).

According to a release, Jiiva’s constume has been made using six different materials and is very heavy. Members of Mysskin’s unit say that the costume can leave the wearer feeling completely exhausted. “Jivva was doing an exceptionally good job. It’s evident that he was tired every time he wore it, but he simply drove himself to excel.” According to them, though Jiiva plays superhero, he does not possess any special powers like Spiderman or Superman. What Mysskin is trying to stress is that there is a superhero in every one of us.

The man who acted with Bruce Lee in ‘Enter the Dragon’ has choreographed the fights for ‘Mugamoodi’.

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