'Naan Ee' gets U/A certificate, releasing on July 6

Jul 3, 2012 PGV

Director S.S. Rajamouli’s ‘Naan Ee’, produced by PVP Cinema, has been granted U/A certificate depriving the film of the State Government’s tax benefit.

The reason given by the Censor Board is that the film has a scene where cigarette smoking is shown. The producers insisted on retaining the scene, which in the censors’ view violates the mandatory warning that ‘smoking is injurious health’. PVP Cinema’s executive producer Rajiv said if the particular scene was removed, the effect would be lost and so they would not mind getting the U/A certificate.

The film with Nani, Samantha and Santhanam in the lead, is releasing in Telugu also with the title ‘Eega’.

The film has raised high expectations. Rajamouli has taken pains to bring it to international standards. The technical aspects of the film will be talked about, sources said. Graphics scenes are given importance.

The story is that the villain kills the hero and the hero takes rebirth as a housefly, which takes revenge on the villain.

Rajamouli had Crazy Mohan to write the dialogues, which make the proceedings hilarious. Mohan said there would be nothing more to learn about countless species of flies after seeing ‘Naan Eee.’

Director Ram Gopal Varma has a word of praise for the film.He says it would touch a new, unexpected high.

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