'Pattiyal' proves to be a super-hit

Apr 17, 2006 Aparna Nath

Chennai, April 17 (IANS) "Pattiyal" is the first on this fortnight's list of top Tamil films.

It is so big a success that the Tamil Nadu Film Producers' Council is citing it to uphold its decision not to give clippings of new films and songs to TV channels for promotional purposes. Here are the top five films:

1. "Pattiyal" (Dir: Vishnuvardhan): A sleekly made, beautifully photographed film with a very strong storyline, this is the biggest hit of 2006 so far.

2. "Chithiram Pesuthadi" (Dir. Mishkin): Some say Gana Ulaganathan is the reason behind the success of the film. The "Vaala meenukum valangu meenukum kalyanam" song has brought people to the theatres. The success of the film shows the director and the actors have succeeded too.

3. "Mercury Pookal" (Dir. S.S. Stanley): This film, starring Srikanth and Meera Jasmine, did not set the box office on fire but among the current crop of films, it is doing average business.

4. "Sandakozhi" (Dir. Lingusamy): The film has just completed 120 days - a rare achievement these days. It has Vishal and Meera Jasmine in the lead.

5. "Kalaivanin Kathali" (Dir. Thamilvaanan): This is one of the major hits of Nayanthara in Tamil in recent times. But she is slowly moving to Telugu where she had a bigger hit, "Lakshmi".

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