'Pithamagan' to be remade in Hindi by Kaushik

May 17, 2012 PGV

Bala's film 'Pithamagan' starring Vikram (2003) is to be remade in Hindi. Bollywood director Satish Kaushik has bought the rights, according to reports.

It is nine years since the critically acclaimed film was released. Kaushik has reportedly taken a break from remakes all these years and he has just started working on the script.

Kaushik had earlier remade Vikram's acclaimed movie 'Sethu', written and directed by Bala. It was titled 'Tere Naam' with Salman Khan reprising Vikram, 'Tere Naam' was a box office hit and it also helped Salman achieve prominence.

Kaushik wish to cast Salman again in the Hindi remake of 'Pithamagan' and he may approach the 'Bollywood hit machine' after finishing the script. He plans to make some changes to suit the audiences in the north. He has not finalized any of the cast till now.

It looks like Kaushik may associate Bala with the new project for additional inputs.

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