Pongal frontrunner 'Vettai' may hit over 600 screens

Jan 2, 2012 PGV

N. Lingusamy's eagerly awaited 'Vettai' may emerge the frontrunner among the Pongal releases, hitting over 600 screens across the world. UTV Motion Pictures and

Thirupathi Brothers have produced the movie with Arya, Madhavan, Sameera Reddy and Amala Paul in the lead

Trade circles bet more on the chemistry between the siblings Arya and Madhavan on one side and sisters Sameera Reddy and Amala Paul on the other than on their image makeover. Lingusamy also touts this chemistry as the 'biggest USP' of the film.

As in his every other film in the past, Lingusamy has affected image makeovers for the actors in 'Vettai' also. Arya, typeset as a chocolate boy, will be seen as an action hero while Madhavan, will be an action hero who will also dish out comedy. Lingusamy says that with Madhavan playing a comical police officer, he could fill the comedy slot as well. So, a separate slot for a comedian has been dispensed with.

According to the director, sisters Sameera Reddy who pairs with Madhavan and Amala Paul with Arya have worked together as real sisters on and off the sets during the shooting of the film. For Amala Paul, 'Vettai' is a far cry as far as image is concerned. Audiances have seen Amala playing serious roles in 'Mynaa' and 'Deiva Thirumagal. In 'Vettai', she turns a glitzy and vivacious star. Playing an elder sister to Amala, Sameera Reddy has shown great maturity Nasser and.Thamabi Ramaiya help increase the comedy quotient joining in Madhavan's hilarious misadventures as a cop lacking in courage and confidence.

It may not be surprising if director Lingusamy himself, like the actors, may have undergone an image makeover with 'Vettai'.

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