Priyamani in Chinni Jayanth's 'Mannippaayaa'

May 21, 2012 PGV

Actor, producer and director Chinni Jayanth will be making a film with Priyamani in the lead.

The film he will be producing and directing is titled ‘Mannippaayaa’. Chinni has taken on board a new music director, Drona.

Besides Priyamani, the cast includes Ajay Rathnam, Kovai Sarala, Kishore, Mano Bala and Ilavarasu.

The film revolves around a Visual Communications student doing her internship project for which she chooses a controversial subject breaking all traditional bounds. Rehabilitation of drug addicts is also dealt with in the film.

Chinni Jayanth has taken up this project after a long interval.

As a popular mimicry artiste, he has staged more than 1000 shows across the globe. Also, he has acted in over 300 films in Tamil, Malayalam, Kannada and Telugu. The films he has produced and directed are ‘Chinna Pulla’, ‘Unakkaaga Mattum’, ‘Kaanal Neer’, and ‘Neeye En Kaadhali’.

Meanwhile, Priyamani has denied reports that she has been waiting for opportunities in Bollywood and her mother has been staying in Mumbai for this. She clarified that they have relatives in Mumbai and her mother makes frequent trips to Mumbai to visit them. It is wrong to say that her mother is in Mumbai to lobby for Hindi film roles for her daughter.

“I am not in such a desperate situation. I am already busy working on two Kannada films, two Malayalam films and one Telugu film. I have received two offers to act in Hindi films too. Makers of these Hindi films said these are glamour roles and I can alone play them. I have given my consent and they will make a proper announcement,” she told reporters.

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