Rajini, Kamal at 'Kumki' audio release

Jul 27, 2012 PGV

A surprise guest at Prabhu Solomon’s ‘Kumki’ audio release function in Chennai on July 26 was superstar Rajinikanth. ‘Ulaganayagan’ Kamal Haasan and a host of celebrities from the Tamil film industry attended the function at Sathyam Theatre. While Kamal Haasan released the audio, Surya received it amidst cheers.

Both the torchbearers of the industry were present at the function because Vikram Prabhu, son of Prabhu and grandson of legend Sivaji Ganesan debuted as hero in the film produced by Linsusamy’s Tirupathi Brothers.

Speaking at length, Rajini said he has not been attending film functions after his illness. Doctors have advised him that till his immunity is fully restored, he’d better avoid attending public functions. Another reason is he does not want to attend one function and keep off another. ‘I have no enemies. I am my own enemy.”

Rajini said when Prabhu first invited him for this function, he told him about the doctors’ advice. However, a day before the function, Prabhu came to his residence when he (Rajini) was not present and left the invitation. ‘I did not sleep that night. Sivaji was the doyen of Tamil cinema. I asked myself the question: how could I stay away Annai Illam’s function?. In the morning I phoned Prabhu and told him I would come for the function.”

Rajini also recalled that when he was undergoing treatment at Singapore, Kamal came to see him. Doctors did not allow him into the hospital and he had to turn back. “When I returned to Chennai, the first person with whom I spoke was Kamal. Kamal told him he understood and wanted him to take rest.

Rajini expressed joy that Kamal has received an invitation from Hollywood producer Osborne, (The Lord of the Rings) to make a film. “This is a proud moment not only for Tamil cinema but also Indian cinema.”

Becoming emotional, the superstar said, “ I have recovered from the illness and my life was saved because of your (fans) love and affection and prayers. I could not do anything for you in return. I feel ashamed. I feel shy. That is why I hide from you like a borrower who could not repay the debt. I am not a man of brains like a director or a writer: I can do only physical work.”

Becoming nostalgic, Rajini said his father was happy when he entered films. But Prabhu must be feeling anxious. Vikram has to keep up the good name of his father as also his grandfather. “A man whose father is an achiever has to be more responsible.”

Youngsters should not think it is enough to do one film a year. If that film fails, their future will be affected. They should have three or four films in hand in a year. Only during the shooting of ‘Padayappa’ did Rajni has an opportunity to talk to Sivaji for a long time when Sivaji patted him saying,”You are wise. You keep your collar down. If not, the shirt button would fly out. You understand this.”

Turning to Vikram Prabhu, Rajini said he might be nervous. There are directors like Prabhu Solomon. ‘So you should have no fears.”

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