Ready to dissolve my fans club - Ajith

Dec 24, 2010 NR

Ajith has warned his fans for indulging in ruckus in shooting spot. Recently some of the fans entered Mangatha shooting spot, urged Ajith to sign autograph and to pose for photos. But he refused to do so. Some of them went to hold on a strike in the shooting- spot itself. The entire film unit got upset with the fans.

Because of this, Ajith issued a statement later to his fans. In the statement, Ajith has advised his fans that, if they continue their unwanted activities, he will not hesitate to dissolve the fans club.

He further went on to say,'' I never used my fans for the self detections, and I won't ever. My fans should be known as matured one from others, we should think about the conscious of the public''.

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