Shankar says no more remakes, to adopt different strategy

Feb 7, 2012 PGV

'Nanban' was Shankar's first remake of the Hindi film '3 idiots' in his Kollywood career spanning 18 years. This will be his last remake and will do no more remakes. He will, however, make films but considering he has made a lot of costly mistakes, his strategy will be different.

Shankar stated this in a media interview in which he answered questions about 'Nanban' and his future plans.

'I never expected ever to do a remake. Nanban was a new experience, unexpected, but I won't do another remake, not even a remake of my own film,' he said.

He happened to watch '3 idiots' in Pune during the shooting of 'Endhiran'. 'It was a wonderful feeling' and he thought Tamil audience must also experience this.

'Nanban' was a great remake. Nonetheless, he would not venture into making any more remakes.

Though he has 11 movies to his credit, he said several of his films did not do well and he lost a lot of money. ' I burnt my hands and legs…I am slowly getting relieved of my burns'.

'My strategy will be different now. I am looking for good scripts,' he said and added, 'There are several concepts in mind. My next will be an original script and I should finalise it by March'. Click the Movie button below for more info:

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