'Sokkali'- a playboy story with no 'vulgarity'

Jun 27, 2012 PGV

‘Sokkali’ is the story about a playboy with no vulgarity and has a message too, say producers T. Navarasan and G. Devarajan.

Chaithanya, who plays the hero, has acted in minor roles in ‘Vallavan’ and ‘Jaggubai’ He also did the lead in a Tamil TV serial. ‘Sokkali’ is a big break for him. His character Prem is a VJ a rich playboy who flirts with girls promising to marry them. Many a girl fell into his trap, but one girl outwits him. His sexapades finally results in the death of a girl.

The producers stress that the screenplay runs without vulgarity. Director Sarana told the story and they immediately decided to produce the film.

Director A Sarana did a course in film direction at the Chennai Film Institute. ‘Sokkali’ is his second film, his first one being ‘Thullum Kalam’. He claims ’Sokkali’ has all the ingredients to make it big at the BO.

Pairing up with Chaitanya is Swasika. Also in the cast are Ganja Karuppu, Sona, City Babu, Karate Raja and Mohan Raman.

The music is by S.A. Rajkumar. He started composing only after half of the shooting was over. He tuned five songs. Of them, the one rated best is ‘Kammakarai Orathile’, written by T. Navarasan, one of the producers, and sung by Chithra.

J. Mohan is the cinematographer while. Nanda Kumar is the art director.

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