Sundar C starts with Vishal, Sadaa song for Mada Gaja Raja

May 9, 2012 PGV

Director Sundar C has started shooting 'Mada Gaja Raja' as his 'Kalakalapu' is gearing up to hit the screens on May 11.

A dance number featuring Vishal and Sadaa was the first shot. Four sets looking like club dance bars were put up for the song, which is a fast- paced and breezy number set to music by Vijay Antony.

Sundar C said the next schedule will begin soon with Vishal and Santhanam.

Vishal plays three characters named Madan, Gajan and Raja and he needs to do these roles with a great sense of involvement. Sundar said the reason for shooting the song first is that he does not want to turn the heat on Vishal from the beginning. Another reason Sundar gave is that this is the first time he is working with Vishal and they want to feel comfortable with each other.

The film has Karthika in the lead.

Vijay Antony is the musics director while Richard Nathan is the cinematographer. Click the Movie button below for more info:
Mada Gaja Raja

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