'Thotti Jaya' music decent - but not an 'Ah Aah'

Aug 18, 2005 Siddhu Warrier, Aug 18

Chennai, Aug 18 (IANS) Harris Jayaraj, once an assistant to A.R. Rahman, is today a music director in his own right. But while his compositions for "Thotti Jaya" are good, he loses this round to his mentor.

The album is a decent collection of songs that you could buy - if you have money left after purchasing "Ah...Aah", the latest by Rahman.

It starts off with Jayaraj composing a track which more than strongly resembles one of Rahman's compositions from the movie "Mudhalvan". Since the latter sounded really nice, this sounds quite enjoyable as well.

Most Rahman tracks have to be listened to several times before one begins to fall in love with them. Not so with Jayaraj. He proves that he can get the listener to like a song straightaway with "Uyire En Uyire" - though it begins to wear one out with its repetitiveness after a while.

Karthik's voice sounds terribly flat; and the less said of Anuradha Sreeram's rendition of the song the better.

As one begins to listen to the next track, one gets the feeling that Jayaraj's music seems to improve with every passing track. "Thotta Power" is a typically koothu number, the kind that is likely to get young men all around Tamil Nadu on their feet. Shankar Mahadevan does a typically brilliant job.

Side B starts off with "Yaaridamum", a typically romantic number with some energetic vocals from Ramesh Vinayagan and Harini. This is the kind of song that one may find oneself humming without realising it!

The last track in the album is "Jaari Singari", another koothu number.

The verdict on the track? Typical of most Tamil movies, and can be enjoyed if the listener can keep lurid images out of his mind.

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