'Vettaiyadu...' completes 100 days

Dec 25, 2006 PVS

The 100th day running of Kamal Hasaan starrer "Vettaiyadu Vilaiyadu", directed by Gautham menon, was celebrated in Chennai on Dec.24. Prominent among those who attended the function got up to mark the occasion was Tamil Nadu Director-General of Police Mukherjee. The film is about crime detection and busting the gang involved in serial killings.

Speaking at the function the DIG said cinema is a mass medium and has great power to influence people and reform society. So those in the film industry owe a duty to society. He pointed out that in some films police personnel are shown in bad light and worse still they are made a butt of ridicule. He appealed to the film-makers to produce films which would help improve police-public relations so that the police could detect crimes in co-operation with the public and bring the criminals to book.

The hero of "Vettaiyadu Vilayadu", Kamal Hasaan, said no single person could take credit for the success of a film. The credit for the success of "Vettaiyadu... "Went to everyone involved in the project. He praised the producer, Manickam Narayanan of 7th Channel, and the director, Gautham Menon. While Narayanan 'sweated to tears' to complete the film, Gautham served as a mirror to him, Kamal said.

The actor said the success of "Vettaiyadu..." gave him a shield to face God knows how many more battles in future. But he was not Mongolian conqueror Genghis khan to win all the battles.

The other speakers included director Gautham. Producer Narayanan proposed a vote of thanks.

The function was attended, among others, by Film Chamber president KRG, actress Shreya, directors Dharani, Saran and Parthiban and music director Haris Jayaraj.

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