Vettaiyadu Villaiyadu - another good album from Harris Jeyaraj

Aug 24, 2006 SB

Gowtham Menon and Harris Jeyaraj have come together yet again for the third time after Minnale and Kaakha Kaakha.

1. Karka Karka (Devan, Tippu, Nakul, Andrea)

This song is heart racing and absolutely lively. The song has an excellent mix of drums, guitar and some fast rap. Devan's voice does good justice to the amazing lyrics. Andrea supports him well. This song is very youthful and already a huge hit with the audience.

2. Partha Mudhal (Bombay Jayshree, Unni Menon)

Bombay Jayashree does it again. After a string of songs in the Tamil film industry, she has song well enough to capture the hearts of all listeners. A soft romantic melody, the song is a proven hit. Unni Menon's subtle voice mixes with Bombay Jayashree's voice. A great deal of classical edge is given to the song with some amazing instruments like Nagaswaram and saxophone used in the song. This song is sure to touch your soul and is already a hit.

3. Manjal Veyil (Hariharan, Vijay, Nakul)

Another romantic number. This song is very peppy and the instrument used and the voice of Hariharan go along too well. Hariharan sings passionately and is at his best undoubtedly. Another eclectic mix of western and classical music here. The song shows more prominence to lyrics than the music and this makes the song really lively and enthusiastic. Hats off to Harris Jeyraj for this song. An excellent melody.

4. Uyirilae (Mahalaxmi, Srinivas)

This is definitely the most soft and melodious song in the movie. Srinivas and Mahalakshmi are at the best and sing beautifully. The lyrics are amazing and very touchy and the singers have done justice to the amazing lyrics. The music is less again and the lyrics are given more importance. Srinivas has of late been singing all melodious and soft numbers and a lot of credit goes to him for making this song very soothing to listen.

5. Nerupae (Faranco, Sholar Sai, Sowmya Ray)

This is the fast paced song in the movie. The song is sung by new young people and the song is also very youthful. A hip-hop number in the album. Sowmya Ray has sung amazingly.

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