Vikram's challenge in playing Dev & Veera

Jun 12, 2010 NR

Multifaceted actor Vikram is portraying yet another challenging role in Manirathnam's Raavanan. The film takes the theme of good winning over evil to a different plane where the good and bad seem to be separated just by a thin line of grey. Vikram plays the role of Veera in the Tamil version and as if that is not challenging enough, he will also be playing the character Dev in the Hindi version.

"To play Dev (in Hindi) and Veera (in Tamil), who are totally different characters with contrasting style and body language, has been a huge challenge" shares Vikram. He also maintains that it was director Manirathnam's idea to cast him for such diametrically opposite characters in Hindi and Tamil. It might be the first time that such a thing has been attempted. Vikram is really excited about the fact that this is also a chance for him to get a new audience altogether through his role in Hindi.

About his co-star Abhishek, he says "To be honest, right from the beginning, we did not watch each other at work." He mentioned that they don't want to get influenced by each other and thus Manirathnam also didn't insist for them to be present at all times.

When asked about his favourite character, Vikram without any hesitation mentions that the character Veera in Tamil was most intriguing to him. Veera is multifaceted, powerful, and large and has shades of grey in him which makes him a very strong character. Dev on the other hand, is like a typical hero.

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