Vishal does a drunken act in 'Avan Ivan'

Feb 11, 2011 PS

The entire unit of 'Avan Ivan' was in for a dose of amusement, entertained by a recent performance by Vishal while they were shooting in Theni. A particular night scene required Vishal to appear in an inebriated state and dance and sing to entertain the crowd, including his co-star Arya.

True to his nature, Bala, the national award-winning director wanted to pep up the proceedings and be as authentic as possible had reportedly asked Vishal to consume a couple of pegs of liquor before arriving at the shooting spot. Apparently, when the shooting began, Vishal, who had taken his mentor's advice seriously, was spotted in a tipsy state. Bala was initially in two minds whether to or not to call off the shooting. But Vishal surprised everyone with his fantastic and realistic performance and the scene turned out extremely well.

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