Vishnuvardhan has opted out of 'Billa 2'

Feb 18, 2011 PS

Finally, director Vishnuvardhan and the producers of 'Billa 2' have agreed to part amicably. Yes, Vishnu will no longer be directing Ajith's highly anticipated 'Billa 2', a prequel to his blockbuster 'Billa 2007'.

Vishnuvardhan was forced to opt out of 'Billa 2', as the shoot was clashing with his Telugu film 'The Shadow' with Pavan Kalyan. And the director had the scripts of both Telugu and Tamil films ready for the last 18 months, and was waiting for the dates of the stars. But now it will not possible for Vishnu to direct both the ventures simultaneously as 'The Shadow' starts in March and 'Billa 2' in the end of April. The only way forward for Vishnu was to drop one of the projects and he took the hard decision to opt out of 'Billa 2'. Now, the producers Suresh Balaji, George Pious and Sunir Ketrapal have roped in Chakri Toleti of 'Unnaipol Oruvan' fame as the director. Chakri Toleti started his career as a child artiste in south Indian films before moving to the USA where he got a degree in filmmaking and VFX.

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