Writers need to be involved in filmmaking: K.V. Anand

Jul 28, 2005 P.V Sathish Kumar

From a free-lancing photographer to cinematographer and to film director, that is K.V. Anand. He directed the film "Kana Kandein", which was released recently, is running successfully and widely talked about for its good story and the way it was handled by the director.

It has won acclaim as one coming under the category of the rarest of rare movies based on good stories. Already a national award winner for cinematography, Anand is now being hailed as a good director as well.

With the success of his movie, it was expected that he would fully devote himself to film direction. It is not so with Anand. He is reverting to cinematography and has signed to work for a Hindi film to be directed by Rajkumar Santhoshi.

Anand in a latest interview, talked about his life and work.

You have made debut as a director through “Kana Kandein". Have you had any ideology from childhood?

I keep changing. Man's emotions are not permanent. I don't have any particular objective. I want to do any job that I take up as best as I can. That is how I transformed myself as a director. I am very happy that my very first film "Kana Kandein" has brought me recognition.

You were basically a press photographer. How did you turned into cinematography?

After seeing a boy from a neighbor’s house holding a camera, I wanted to have a camera myself and my father bought me one. Then I learnt the art of photography. This had no connection with my studies. My parents and two elder brothers never interfered with my freedom. They moved to America and settled down there. I grew up as a free man. I took my photographs, which I have taken when I was young, to "Kalki" Rajendran, who was bringing out "Mavatta Malars" (a sort of District news round-up) and showed them to him and sought a job. "Let me see", he told me. When his regular photographer was not available, Rajendran sent for me and asked me to cover South Arcot district. I worked in Tindivanam when PMK founder leader Ramdoss launched his party. But I could not continue with this job. How long can I continue as a free-lancer? Then I started working for a commercial advertising agency run by P.C. Sriram. I happened to watch the shooting of "Gopura Vasalile" which led me to take into cinematography.

Is your first film a Tamil one?

No. I first worked as associate cameraman for the film "Priyadarshini". Then I worked independently for the Malayalam film "Theanmavin Kombathu". This film won the national award for best cinematography. Later I moved on to the Tamil film industry. At that time there was no "heroism", films like "Kadhal Desam" "Nerukku Ner", "Mudhalvan", and "Virumbugiren" brought me success. The reason: these films were not hero-based. Story and direction was the cornerstone of success of these films.

So, can you say the strength of your film "Kana Kandein" was its story?

Yes. The story was about the present water problem. Desalination was nothing new. It was there since 1955. "Kana Kandein" story highlights how to convert seawater into potable water through steam. This is what is wanted to do now.

Your film is based on a story written by a writer. What do you think?

I provided cover photos for Suba's novels. We came in contact with him when Suba was working for "Kalki". One day, as we were talking, the idea for "Kana Kandein" was formed. Instead of copying CDs from abroad, why not we go in for a film adaptation of the works of our own writers? These will be quality films providing wholesome entertainment, I thought.

Generally, most films directed by cameramen turn out to be successful?

I cannot say that. There are other things too. How we live, relationships, our practices and customs, environment etc. are all go into the making of a film. Commercialism apart, the filmmaker should have society and community also in focus. The product you want to sell should reach the consumer. Then it is going to be a sure winner.

Why Hindi films are your mainstay?

It’s because I earn more money there. I was paid Rs.1 lakh as a cameraman for the first Hindi film. The same Rs.1 lakh was given to me as a director for "Kana Kandein". The producer of "Kana Kandein" wanted the shooting of certain scenes in New Zealand, but I shot these scenes in the Tsunami-hit areas in Pondicherry. The film was completed as scheduled. More than money, people recognized me. That's enough for me.

When you are planning to direct a Tamil film next?

At present I am working for a Hindi film directed by Rajkumar Santhosh. After that I will direct a Tamil film. This will also be a writer Suba's story and purely a commercial movie.

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