Charan wears massy costumes in Raccha

Nov 23, 2011 HP

Folks, you will not expect Ram Charan to wear colorful costumes in Raccha. Unlike in his previous films, Raccha will portray the look of a mass hero in his next. The Sampath Nandi-directed film will present Cherry in a never-seen-before get-up.

What is surprising is that its costume designer Ravi Kumar bought the apparel from some shops in centers like Kacheguda in Hyderabad and worked on them to create new designs for the hero.

The actor's look in the film has been carefully kept under the wraps for obvious reasons. Currently shot in China, the film has a remix version of the 'Vana Vana' number from Gang Leader. The hitherto classy actor will sport an irreverent look in Raccha, which makes it quite interesting as well as curious.

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