Dookudu fetches 38 cr

Sep 22, 2011 HP

If some trade sources are to be believed, Dookudu has fetched its producers a whopping Rs. 38 cr. even before its release. The much-hyped film, releasing on September 23, has earned the most money.

Anyone who knows the commerce in Tollywood would not find it surprising. The reason being, Dookudu is not only the biggest flick in the race slated for a pre-Dussehra release, but also it stars Mahesh Babu. The actor, who is very much adored by audiences across all sections, has his hopes pinned on it. Sreeu Vaitla, with the highest success rate, is another winner for the movie's business.

These days, it is not unusual to see massive films making humongous profits. In the case of Dookudu, which was made on a budget of Rs. 35 cr., the film has been sold internationally well, say reports.

A press briefing is scheduled today evening. The film is releasing on Friday amidst the on-going Sakala Janunal Samme in the Telangana region. Click the Movie button below for more info:

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