Eega trailer most viewed online

Apr 9, 2012 HP

The humble Eega has defeated even superstars. Trumping the records of Gabbar Singh, Rachcha and Dammu, Rajamouli's magnum opus Eega, a graphical fantasy, has surpassed all records in terms of the number of views it has had online. On our website too, Eega stands tall with a record number of hits.

The data say it all. The trailer that has made even Anurag Kashyap to say "Irreverent hona ho to EEGA jaisa ho, warna Na ho," has got more number of hits in 7 days than Gabbar Singh has got in 30 days. Even Dammu and Raccha are lagging behind.

Neither Sudeep nor Nani is a superstar. With Rajamouli at the helm, where is the need for big names for creating miracles?

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