Gabbar Singh to release on May 9

Mar 13, 2012 HP

Gabbar Singh is all set to scorch the BO come May 9. Banda Ganesh is planning to release it on a big scale, and it is likely that the movie will have the biggest ever release in Pawan Kalyan's career. The audio will be released on April 15. DSP has said that he is done with all the compositions. There is a talk that the makers want to space out Raccha and Gabbar Singh by at least four weeks.

Producer Banda Ganesh has issued two proud statements since the day. If on the very evening of the 23rd, he prophesied that the film will be the biggest money-spinner ever, today he has suggested that Gabbar Singh's trail of creating and breaking records has just begun!

"The number of hits has never been seen in India before," he avers. Do we need to say that Pawan is the Dabangg man of the moment? Gabbar Singh. Click the Movie button below for more info:
Gabbar Singh


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