Hundred days to SRR

Feb 27, 2012 HP

That Sri Rama Rajyam could complete its 100 days-run should be a reason for celebration. The film, as felt by many, is a creative depiction of our timeless culture. Besides, Bapu's magnum opus will remain a feather in the cap of its technicians, writers and actors. From Mullapudi's writing and Bapu's directorial touch to Balakrishna's method and Nayanatara's makeover, the film had it all.

When it comes to aesthetics, Bapu is second to none in the long history of the Telugu film industry. In his films, even mythological characters come across as earthy and endearingly romantic. You may be an aficionado of the best films on Rama made by the great NTR, but you will still find Bapu's Sampoorna Ramayanam (1971), starring Shobhan Babu in the role of the Lord, as a class apart, never to be compared with other classics but something to be cherished and admired for its uniqueness. As we expected, Bapu did not disappoint us a bit.

The film may not have been as big a hit as was expected, but it is true that SRR stands out for its finesse and grammar. As averred by Dasari "films like Lava Kusha and SRR are made once in a lifetime." Raise a toast to producer Yelamanchili Sai Babu and the entire team behind it. Click the Movie button below for more info:
Sri Rama Rajyam


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