Love Failure is a 'small big film': Siddharth

Feb 15, 2012 HP

Debuting as a producer, Siddharth is on cloud nine. In fact, he is apparently not a bit nervous about Love Failure. Listening him speak so confidently about the first-of-its-kind film on Indian screen, you will think that the success of the film is a foregone conclusion for him. Going by the promise it holds, LF is indeed a potential hit.

I will call LF a "small big film". I will call it a cute, experimental film; but I will also call it a commercial one. There is no message and no melodrama here. I promise that this film, unlike my previous films, will not make you sob. You will come out with a smile on your face.

For the first time in our cinema, the hero (Arun) behaves like one among the audience from the beginning. He involves them through his conversations with them. The film begins with a break-up. There is reverse narration at some places, the film flits between past and present. It is not limited to one pair. The hero's friends too have a story. It shows what happens after the marriage. It is a romantic comedy with multiple stories thrown in. Thaman would say that after watching LF successful couples might break up and those not getting along well will patch up.

The film raises certain real questions like why we fall in love, etc. It entertains, it confuses you. Regardless of your age, you will relate to the story very well. I promise that you are going to see a new world. It is not a film for the industry. It is common man's cinema. This film will be taken up as an example by many after its release. Click the Movie button below for more info:
Love Failure

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