Mani Sharma's 'Athadu' on top

Aug 22, 2005 B. Anuradha, Aug 22

Hyderabad, Aug 22 (IANS) The terrific opening of "Athadu" has kept its audio sales up and brought Mani Sharma back to the top.

1. "Athadu": The inspiring title number and the melodious "Avunu Nijam" stand apart. After "Okadu", the composer is on the verge of another musical hit.

2. "Super": Sandeep Choutha's fast-paced numbers have mesmerised the youth but the film's dipping collections have dampened audio sales. "Ghili" and "Chandamukhi" are chartbusters.

3. "Andhrudu": After impressing in "Manasumatavinadu", composer Kalyani Mallick comes up with a soul-stirring album. "Purushudi Kosam" and "Kokilamma" are catchy.

4. "Muddaslula Kodukku": Close on the heels of musical hit "Chandramukhi", composer Vidyasagar delivers a youth-centric album. Fast-paced "Do Re Me" and "Chirugali" sound very different. After the big success of the "7G Brindavan Colony" audio, A.M. Ratnam seems to have another winner on hand.

5. "Anukokunda Oka Roju": Award-winning composer Keeravani's "Evaraina Chusthuntara" and "Shai Na Na" are a class apart. Unusual stories require unusual scores, and Keeravani has done his job.

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