Mickey Meyer strikes a chord with Telugu youth

Nov 15, 2007 Prema R

Hyderabad, Nov 16 (IANS) Since "Happy Days" is the top Telugu movie, it is not surprising that Mickey Meyer's music for the movie is on top of the charts. The young composer has put his heart and soul into the music.

The top five Telugu songs are:

1. "Happy Days" - Film: "Happy Days" - The title song has a symphonic feel. Mickey Meyer has scored a grand composition, which is quite popular among Gen X. With his solid foundation in Western classical music, he has created a tune that blends with Indian classical as well.

2. "Khabaddharani" - Film: "Athidhi" - The song with a 'techno' touch is sung by Naveen and Rahul. The lyrics are a mix of Telugu and English, which seems to be the trend these days. A lot of drums are used in the track, which has a youthful feel and tempo.

3. "Nee Kallathoti" - Film: "Thulasi" - Sagar and Chitra croon the melodious number. "Nee Kallathoti" has a slow tempo and a slightly classical feel to it.

4. "Layliley" - Film: "Nava Vasantham" - S.A. Rajkumar scores the music for the Telugu remake of Tamil film "Punnagai Desam". Tippu sings this song, which is basically a chorus composition with a melodic tune.

5. "Rubbaru Gajjulu" - Film: "Yamadonga" - This song is still popular. Music composer M.M. Keeravani gets bhangra king Daler Mehndi to croon the number - perhaps his first song in a southern Indian language. The music is in sync with Daler's singing - folksy and lilting rhythm with verve and pep.

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