NTR Junior makes a grand comeback

Jan 24, 2007 B. Anuradha

Hyderabad, Jan 25 (IANS) The success of his recently released "Rakhi" has brought Telugu star NTR Junior back into reckoning.

It took the contemporary theme of atrocities against women to turn the tide in his favour. "Rakhi" was also a comeback film for director Krishna Vamsi.

"Probably both of us worked with some vengeance," NTR Junior told IANS.

Detractors had written off the grandson of the legendary NTR when all his action films, including "Ashok", bombed at the box office.

"I heard the word "congratulations" after nearly three years! 'Rakhi' has brought me accolades as an actor. My mother praised Vamsi for making a 'great movie' and girls have really responded overwhelmingly," he added.

The actor is now looking forward to his much-awaited next film "Yamadonga" with director Rajamouli.

Excerpts from a chat:

How does it feel to make a big comeback?

I heard the word congratulations after nearly three years! "Rakhi" has brought me accolades as an actor. "Aadi" and "Simhadri" belonged to the star-centric genre but "Rakhi" showcased both the star and the actor in me.

My mother praised Krishna Vamsi for making a "great movie" and girls have really responded overwhelmingly.

Did you have any inhibitions while accepting this storyline?

I heard this story from Vamsi and writer Radhakrishna seven years ago, but we could finally do it now. Vamsi approached me for "Sri Anjaneyam" but it didn't materialise. However, once we decided to work together again, we opted for this theme, which looked very contemporary.

Vamsi's confidence in the subject also rubbed off on me. We incorporated realistic incidents in it and the audience lapped it up. I would love to work with him again.

Can you elaborate on your next film "Yamadonga"?

I am doing this film purely for director Rajamouli who gave me hits like "Student No.1" and "Simhadri". I am looking forward to working with senior actor Mohan Babu. I intend to absorb acting nuances from him.

How did you cope with your extended lean patch?

In south India, viewers tend to equate stars with demi-gods but they should understand that their favourite stars are just human beings who can make mistakes. These mistakes happened while trying to reach the ever growing expectations of the fan following.

I have no regrets. On the contrary, I think I was fortunate to get this setback early in my career, enabling me to plan it much better.

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