Rajamouli dubs for Eega's character

Jun 21, 2012 HP

The character of fly in Eega has been creating quite a flutter in our hearts. Just as the film gears up for July 6 release, the news is out that the frightening fly in the film will speak through the voice of its creator, SS Rajamouli.

Yes, Rajamouli is dubbing for Eega in the film! So far, it was taken as a foregone conclusion that Nani would be dubbing for the character, as the fly is a reincarnation of Nani's character. The sci-fi film's best-kept secret was out only a while ago.

It will be interesting to watch Rajamouli speak for the fly. It is not known as to how much the fly will talk in the film. Even if it is little, the scenes where it speaks must be intense, going by the murderous premise in the film.

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