Rajamouli surprised at Eega Tamil satellite rights

May 16, 2012 HP

Eega is to be watched out for more reasons than one. It is the same, be it in Andhra Pradesh or Tamil Nadu. That the film is a well-sold film in the latter region has been established by the fact that Eega's satellite rights got sold for a whopping Rs. 3.35 cr. This is a big victory in itself.

It is a surprise, even with SS Rajamouli at the helm. In fact, the satellite right was sold for Rs. 5 cr, but it has already earned a good proportion even before its release. Eega is titled as Naan Ee in Tamil.

Reacting to the same, the celebrated director tweeted today, "When Eega Tamil rights were sold for 5 crores, I was a bit worried that we are overselling. Tamil satellite rights were sold for a whooping. 3.35 crores!! We are left wondering whether we undersold the rights.

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