Reema Sen awaits right opportunities

Jul 28, 2007 NR

Reema Sen is presently working for a Telugu film. Surprisingly she did not sign any films in Tamil in the recent past.

However, she signed the dotted line for a Tamil film a few days ago. When asked about the reason for her gap in Tamil films, Reema Sen says, 'I did not want to accept whatever opportunity I get and only awaited a good script and the unit. I am very happy for getting an opportunity to work under a successful director like Sri Raghava, who gave a big hit like 'Aadavari Maatalaku Ardhale Verule' in Telugu, of course in a Tamil flick.' The film had Karthi as hero, who played in the successful Tamil film 'Paruthi Veeran'. The film would start rolling from August.

Reema Sen further says, 'I watched almost all the films directed by Sri Raghava and I am very happy to work with him. I know the entire story of the movie. However, I could not divulge any details. I gave 60 days of call sheets for the movie. In almost all the films directed by Sri Raghava, there will be a reasonable weight for the heroine. He would continue the tradition even in his latest film.'

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