RGV: Eega alone will collect Rs. 100 cr

Jun 28, 2012 HP

It is not uncommon to see RGV praise unequalled films like Inception. However, he is not given to praise films made by Indians, especially those made by 'lesser mortals' of Tollywood. Eega is an exception. If it has made the likes of Anurag Kashyap take to Twitter, can RGV be silent? For the first time ever, RGV has come up with a prophecy regarding a film. Such is the excitement around this yet-to-be-released Rajamouli magnum opus.

"I think 'Eega' will be the first film to join the 100 crore club in Telugu industry. In other words I mean it will collect 100 cr in Telugu alone," RGV tweeted. The film with the highest amount of collections till date is way below the covetous Rs. 100 cr. mark. Sans starry presence, it may be difficult to imagine an earth-shaking BO run in Telugu. It may definitely become one of the biggest hits ever, but that will depend on a whole range of factors - from dialogues that have a ring with the mass audience to constant surprises scene after scene.

Starring Sudeep, Samantha and Nani, Eega is going to release on July 6 in three other languages besides Telugu – Tamil, Malayalam and Kannada.

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