Sekar Kammula's 'Godavari' disappoints

May 21, 2006 B. Anuradha

Hyderabad, May 21 (IANS) After the success of "Anand", Telugu director Sekar Kammula's latest venture "Godavari" is a wee bit disappointing.

The disjointed screenplay and ambience has not gone down well with the audiences and therefore the film has failed to become an instant hit.

Sumanth, who is star actor Nagarjuna's nephew, plays a non-heroic role but his efforts to salvage an ill-defined character go in vain. While the protagonist aspires to be a politician to serve the people, he forgets his goal after falling in love.

Kamilini Mukerjee, the lead actress finds another role with a lot of attitude after "Anand". However, her character too needed more definition as she sounds more egoistic and confused, rather than sensible and confident.

The whole storyline takes shape during a ferry ride from Rajahmundry to Bhadrachalam in the southern state of Andhra Pradesh. The director tells his story through the travellers, including a dog.

Actor Bharani is adequate as the captain while many new faces including a poor kid give their best shot. Narasimha plays Kamilini's father convincingly.

Composer Radhakrishna, who showed great promise in "Anand" has unfortunately ended up rehashing his own tunes for "Godavari". Cinematographer Vijaykumar, nevertheless, displays traces of brilliance.

Producer G.V.G. Raju, who has not come up with a hit after "Tholiprema", could have done better than to pick a plot that puts the ordinary viewer to sleep.

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