SRR gets 'international' honor

Nov 28, 2011 HP

The well-executed and aesthetically rich Sri Rama Rajyam has been selected for special screening at the International Film Festival of India, which commenced today in Goa. (The prestigious festival will conclude on the 3rd of December).

The news that Bapu's film was selected by a jury came out early today morning. Thanking everyone associated with the film, a statement from the producer read that they are gratified at this.

A special screening will be arranged for members of the media fraternity on Nov. 28. The statement also said that it has been long since a mythological film has been screened at the festival. The film, starring Balakrishna in Rama's role and Nayantara in Sita's role, was released on Dec. 17 worldwide, which opened to much critical acclaim.

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