Nirupama is myself: Manju Warier

May 20, 2014 NR

Nirupama is myself. I have given my own soul for Nirupama. Now I understand she is you….. thus goes Manju Warier’s write up on her Facebook page, about her new movie ‘How Old are You?’ and her character Nirupama.

She told that she is fortunate and happy to make her comeback through such a movie which in her words is dedicated to all women in Kerala who sacrifice their dreams for the betterment of their family. She also extends her heartfelt thanks to all the viewers who appreciated and encouraged her.

There were talks that ‘How Old are You?’ has many similarities to her personal life and the film is her answer to her husband and daughter. It is at this juncture that Manju Warier makes such a statement.

‘Rosshen Andrews’ ‘How Old are You?’ is the story of the UD clerk Nirupama Rajeev who has sacrificed her dreams for her family. Indeed Manju Warier delivers a power-packed performance in her second coming.

The script is by Bobby-Sanjay. The movie deals with the patriarchal society’s attitude towards women and at the same time deals with socially relevant issues and women empowerment.

‘How Old are You?’ conveys the statement that age does not matter and you are never too old to chase your dreams. Your dream is your signature.

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