No discomfort shooting steamy scenes with Karan Singh Grover: Bipasha

Jan 10, 2015 NR

Actress Bipasha Basu says shooting steamy scenes with Karan Singh Grover in "Alone" was not an uncomfortable experience for her thanks to the friendship the duo had struck up before the shoot.

Bipasha calls Karan a "brat and a chatterbox".

"It's a good thing because all the ice broke on day one. The question of discomfort is not there as you already have a rapport. Both of us had developed a friendship before we went to Kerala to shoot the intimate scenes and the 'Katra' song," she said.

The sensual scenes between the two have raised quite a few eyebrows, but the trailer and the film's songs have grabbed eyeballs before the movie's release Jan 16.

Directed by Bhushan Patel, "Alone" will see Bipasha in the role of conjoined twins. The shooting was tough for her.

"The shooting was difficult as I had to be joined with my body double; first as Sanjana, and after a change of hair and make-up as Anjana. Shooting for 'Alone' was a unique experience as we had to take care of the distances and other technicalities while shooting the conjoined twins," she added. Click the Movie button below for more info:

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