NTR's Twitter Account really hacked?

Dec 22, 2015 NR

All of sudden, there are doubts every where about the release of Nannaku Prematho for Sankranthi. In a way, NTR himself is responsible for this. At the stroke of midnight, he tweeted, "Fans have been asking the dates of Nannaku Prematho audio and movie.i wish I knew when it is!i have no clue what is happening (sic)".

Huge disappointment engulfed the fans as they began to big in to what can be the reason. Conspiracy theories like Balayya blackmailing for the postponement through TDP government to Bad Financial Positiion of the Producer came in to light.

But then, NTR later sent one more tweet clarifying that some one hacked in to his account and Tweeted that. But there is a very good resemblance in both the deleted and clarification tweets in terms of writting pattern and grammatical mistakes. So there is something fishy about that! Click the Movie button below for more info:
Nannaku Prematho


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