Ok Bangaram Inside Talk

Apr 16, 2015 NR

Senior director Maniratnam's latest offering Ok Bangaram is all set for a grand release this Friday. The movie was censored recently and received U/A certificate. Here is the inside talk of the film from a person who watched the movie in Censor Screening.

Ok Bangaram is in the range of Below Average to Okay. It is targeted at A class audience who may even find to sit through it due to slow pace. B and Center will find it difficult to sit through out. The story is all about Dulquer and Nitya having a live-in relationship. Dulquer was about to fly to Dubai but then bumps in to Nitya. They stay in a same flat in Mumbai and what followed in their lives is the rest of the film. Click the Movie button below for more info:
OK Bangaram


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