‘Ormayil Oru Shishiram' from Aug. 2

Jul 31, 2019 KRR

Debutant director Vivek Aryan’s film ‘Ormayil Oru Shishiram’ is set to reach the cinemas on August 2. Featuring Deepak Parambol and Anaswara Ponnambath in the lead, the romantic drama narrates the story of two youngsters and their shared destiny.

It has a story by Vishnu Raj NR and screenplay by C G Sivaprasad and Appu Sreenivas Nair. The film also features Alencier, Asokan, Parvathy, Neena Kurup, Eldho, Sam, James, Sudheer Karamana, Sreejith Ravi and many others.

Art direction is by Ajay Mangad and Arun James is behind the camera.

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