Oviya asks her supporters to not troll other contestants

Aug 18, 2017 JB

The much popular reality show Bigg Boss is providing ample entertainment for the viewers. Out of the many contestants, Oviya had become very popular and the actress had opted to get out on her own a few weeks ago.

After getting out of the Bigg Boss show, she had issued a video statement wherein she thanks her supporters immensely. In her statement Oviya appeals to her fans not to troll or abuse other contestants like Julie and Shakthi who appeared to be unkind to her inside the Bigg Boss house. She says that she was overwhelmed by the support she got from the people, but feels bad because of the manner in which other contestants were being trolled in social media by her fans.

“There were 14 contestants in the Bigg Boss house and some of them tried to corner. I know how mentally disturbed I was. Now, when the entire public is cornering these people who have come out of Bigg Boss house, it hurts me. Please don’t do it.” She also ruled out the possibility of reentering the Bigg Boss show through wide car entry. She mentioned that she would be doing many movies from now.

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