Politics a favorite theme for film makers

Apr 8, 2014 NR

While the political atmosphere is heating up day by day, five films, the shoot of which are progressing now, deal with the subject of politics.

The pooja of the movie ‘T P 51’ was held recently at Onjiyam. The movie speaks about the politics behind T P murder case. ‘T P 51’ is directed by Moidu Thazhathu. Rameshan from Vadakara, who has a facial similarity with T P, will do the role of the main character. Devi Ajith will play the female lead.

The character Pauly in the movie ‘Polytechnic’ is a public figure. The movie is directed by M Padmakumar. While Kunchacko Boban plays comrade Pauly, Aju Varghese is his friend. Bhavana does the female lead.

Jibu Jacob’s debut movie ‘Vellimoonga’ is yet another political movie. Biju Menon does the lead role as comrade Mamachen, the representative candidate of LPF. Aju Varghese plays the friend of Mamachen.

Another movie titled ‘Njananu Party’ is also getting ready. Tony and Kalasala Babu do the prominent roles in this movie. Snoba Alex is the director of ‘Njananu Party’. ‘Solar Swapnam’ directed by Joy Antony, deals with the solar case and the political intervention in the case.

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