Poonam Bajwa in Mohanlal's 'Peruchazhi'

Mar 11, 2014 NR

Poonam Bajwa is one of the heroines in Mohanlal’s ‘Peruchazhi’. She has earlier acted with Mohanlal in ‘China Town’ and with Jayaram in ‘Manthikan’.

Bollywood actress Ragini Nandwani also does one of the female leads in ‘Peruchazhi’. ‘Peruchazhi’ is directed by Arun Vaidyanathan. The movie is a social satire shot mainly in America. This is Arun Vaidyanathan’s first Malayalam movie; he has earlier directed two Tamil movies.

Mohanlal-Mukesh combo can be seen in ‘Peruchazhi’ after ‘Arabim Ottakom P Madhavan Naium’. Baburaj, Aju Varghese, Vijay Babu, Sankar Ramakrishnan, and Sandra Thomas are the other main actors.

Arvind Krishna handles the camera and Arora is the music director. The movie is produced under the banner of Friday Films.

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