Prabhas and Allu Arjun are My Favourites

Jul 17, 2017 NR

Tell us about your background?

We are basically from Delhi. Father is an Airforce officer and mother is a housewife. Due to dad’s job, we moved a lot of places in India.

How did you enter movies?

I was a tomboy from the beginning. I wanted to be a pilot or a sports person. I played state level Badminton and also was trained for the National level. But somehow I got attracted more towards cinema. In Telugu, I previously acted in the movie Maya and now Vaishakam.

How did Vaishakam happen?

Producer BA Raju Garu and B Jaya Madam saw my pictures, and they liked me immensely. We then had a photo shoot with Harish, the hero of the movie. Once it was done, I had been narrated the story which I liked and signed the agreement immediately.

What kind role are you doing in the movie?

I am playing the character Bhanumati in the film. She is a modern girl, yet sensible and gives importance to family values. She has a fixed opinion on things, and yet she is slightly shy. She has many funny teasing moments with the hero. The moment Jaya Garu narrated the character to me, I was immediately connected. It is almost like me in real life. The movie will be a big break for me in Telugu.

What’s your experience of working with senior actors?

There are many top artists in the movie like Sai Kumar Garu, Rama Prabha Garu, Kasi Vishwanath Garu, etc. there is a strong emotional content in the film. I have some pivotal scenes with Sai Kumar Garu. Also, there are few hilarious scenes with Prudhvi Garu.

How do you feel about working in RJ Cinemas banner?

Jaya Garu and Raju Garu took great care of me like a family. And not only giving a good character, but they are also doing a great job in promoting the film.

How is the response for the songs?

The music composed by DJ Vasanth is getting an excellent response. There are many varieties of songs in the album. I like the songs Bhanumati and Country Chilaka.

Tell us about dances?

I had to work really hard on dances. I am trained Kathak dancer, but dancing in movies is a different ball game altogether. I learned so much on the sets of Vaishakam. Each song belongs to different genre and choreography is different. I have to tell about the song ‘Country Chilaka,' it was shot in Kazakhstan at six degrees. Sekhar master has choreographed the song, and I had to practice 15 days to get the moves right. The hard work that I have put in for this film is sure to help me big time for future projects.

Share your working experience with director B Jaya?

Jaya Garu is a director with great clarity. Her working style has inspired me a lot. She isn’t all about looks alone, she also extracts excellent performance from the artists. She knows what she wants from an artist and obtains exactly that from them. She made me rehearse all the scenes in advance as she wanted to highlight me not just glamorously but also as an actor. She is very hard working.

About producer BA Raju?

BA Raju Garu talks very less, he is a true professional. He arranges everything that is required for the movie without making any fuss, there is never any pressure on anyone. I never felt like going to shoot, it was always like a family outing for me. That’s how well the care was taken.

The most challenging scene in the movie?

I have to say, it is the climax scene. I had to tell four to five pages of Telugu dialogues. Since I was still learning Telugu, it was a huge and challenging scene for me. But thanks to the support by Jaya Garu, I did it very well. It is a good emotional scene and audience will connect to it for sure.

How was hero Harish?

Harish is a good person. He is very energetic and down to earth. I feel pleased working with him.

Who’s your favorite actor in Telugu?

I watch Telugu movies regularly. Recently I saw Baahubali 2 and DJ. I liked them very much. Prabhas, Allu Arjun, Anushka, there are so many wonderfully talented artists in Telugu.

Any dream role?

I want to play a warrior princess role in a period movie.

What are your next projects?

Right now I am doing a Tamil film Nenjamella Kadhal under the direction of Ashok Selvan. I am getting many more offers. Click the Movie button below for more info:

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