Pre-Release Business of DJ

Jun 22, 2017 NR

Stylish Star Allu Arjun's DJ is all set for a grand release tomorrow as Eid Special. The movie had registered a whopping 100 Crore Pre-Release Business including all. It has to recover 80 Crore Share from Telugu and Malayalam version's theatrical run. Here is the Pre-Release Business of DJ:

Nizam: 17.5 Crore

Ceeded: 11.1 Crore

Uttarandhra: 8 Crore

East: 5.4 Crore

West: 4.6 Crore

Krishna: 4.6 Crore

Guntur: 6.1 Crore

Nellore: 2.8 Crore

AP+Nizam: 60.1 Crore

Karnataka: 7.1 Crore

Kerala: 2.3 Crore

ROI: 1.3 Crore

Overseas: 7 Crore

Total WW: 77.8 Crore

Satellite (Tel+Hindi Dub): 18 Crore

Music, Digital and Others: 5 Crore

Grand Total: 100.8 Crore Click the Movie button below for more info:

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