Prithviraj again as cop

Jan 5, 2014 NR

Prithviraj who got applause for his role as police officer in the movies ‘Mumbai Police’, ‘Memories’, and ‘Aurangzeb’ in the year 2013 is again appearing in the role of a police officer.

Prithviraj dons David Abraham IPS in the new film ‘Seventh Day’. Directed by debutante Shyamdher, ‘Seventh Day’ is produced by Shibu G Susheelan. Janani Iyer is the heroine.

Ajmal Amir, Rahul Madhav, Vinay Fort, Praveen Prem, T G Ravi, Prashanth Narayanan are the other main actors. Deepak Dev is the music director.

Scripted by Akhil Paul, ‘Seventh Day’ narrates the story of an investigation progressing through seven days and finally the mystery is unraveled on the seventh day.

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