Prithviraj croons for 'Seventh Day'

Mar 21, 2014 NR

Prithviraj croons a song for his new film ‘Seventh Day’ directed by Shyamdher. The song is composed by Deepak Dev.

Prithviraj as earlier lent his voice for the films ‘Puthiya Mugam’ and ‘Urumi’. In ‘Puthiya Mugham he sang the title song of the film, "Kaane Kaane" and in ‘Urumi’ he sang “Vadakke vadakke kottane kottane…”. These two songs were also composed by Deepak Dev.

The movie-goers who had graciously accepted his earlier songs may happily accept this song too.

Prithviraj plays IPS officer David Abraham in ‘Seventh Day’. Janani Iyer does the female lead. Vinay Fort, Ajmal Amir, Praveen Prem, and Rahul Madhav are the other main actors.

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