Prithviraj, Nivin Pauly, and Bhavana in Shyamaprasad's 'Ivide'

Oct 22, 2014 NR

Prithviraj, Nivin Pauly, and Bhavana join together for the upcoming movie ‘Ivide’ to be directed by Shyamaprasad. Earlier there were reports that the movie will feature Prithviraj, Fahad Fazil, and Nyla Usha.

The movie is planned to be shot completely in America and there will be actors and technicians from Hollywood. Aju Varghese and Tamil actor Y G Mahendran are also part of the cast.

Scripted by Ajayan Venugopal, the most of the dialogues of ‘Ivide’ will be in English. ‘Ivide’ belongs to the genre of crime drama. The film is expected to reach the cinemas in next February.

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