Prithviraj to have a new heroine

Jun 30, 2014 NR

Finally the heroine of Prithviraj in the movie ‘Picket 43’ is decided. There were reports that Prithviraj will have a Kashmiri girl and later heard that she will be a Pakisthani. Even though the heroine is not from Kashmir or Pakistan, she is a new face – Anusha.

Major Ravi’s ‘Picket 43’ gives more importance to friendship than romance. The movie narrates the comradeship between the Indian soldier Hareendranath Nair and the Pakistani soldier Mushraff.

While Prithviraj does the role of Hareendranath Nair, Bollywood actor Javed Jaffrey plays Mushraff. Hareendranath Nair is a soldier who gets isolated in Kashmir border and Mushraff faces a similar situation on the Pakistan front.

Kashmir is the main location. Ottappalam is also a location for the film. Renji Panicker, Anumol, Harish Peradi, and Shobha Mohan are the other main actors. A dog is also seen as an important character. Jomon T John wields the camera and Ratheesh Vegha composes music for the movie.

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