Priyadarshan to team up with Prakash Raj again

Jul 7, 2015 NR

Prakash Raj and Priyadarshan are again joining hands for an upcoming movie. There last movie together is ‘Kanchivaram’ released in 2008.

‘Kanchivaram’ is a National Award winning Tamil movie with Prakash Raj and Sriya Reddy in the lead roles. Prakash Raj does Vengadam, a silk weaver, in the town of Kanchivaram, who is released from jail.

The film got two National awards for the Best Film and the Best Actor.

Reports say that Prakash Raj and Priyadarshan had discussions regarding their new project and that Prakash Raj is impressed with the script.

The technical part of the movie will have the ‘Kanchivaram’ team. More details are not revealed.

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